Our UNIVERSAL DRUM TRU TUMBLER forms essential part of a many-sided program WEMA MINIMAT.
Modern principals of construction, multiplicity of employment and comfort of operation are in the same way important as extreme profitability in case of slightest local requirements.
Grinding and buffing drums form part of the basic equipment of a work-shop.
Our drum unit is provided with a rotating bearing with a interchangeable drum and a number of re- volutions infinitely variable. Therefore the drum is suitable to all ranges of application you can imagine.
Compact construction in prime, service-kind workmanship.
Possibility of using a table or support version for surface treatment of small wooden pieces or other materials.
Technical Data

Number of revolutions:
Propulsive power:
Electric equipment:
Drum body:
Measures of the drum:
Total measures:

In case of adjustable version 30 - 125 revolutions per minute. In case of non adjustable version 70 revolutions per minute
180W, connection 220 V, 50 Hz
Security electric equipment under VDE, Engine contactor IP 54
Be made of plywood in joiner's work. It is possible to close the opening at the octagonal surface area. It is possible to close the control opening at the front surface
400 mm diameter, 350 mm length
Table version: L 750/W 400/ H 620 mm Support version: L 900/W 560/ H 1300 mm
Table version 35 kg Support version 80 kg

Technical alterations reserved.

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