WEMA MINIMAT 65 - Automatic small components lathe
Our automatic lathe WEMA MINIMAT 65 is an addition to our range of high production small components
machines. All our lathes are renowned for their quality of manufacture incorporating the latest techno- logy, ease of operation, fast production rates and good profitability. The machine is compact in size and requires very little floor space.
The comprehensive user friendly control panel allows the operator to exercise complete control over the rotation and cutting operation of the component being turned.
The machine has an automated magazine feed for square section timber. This timber is then rounded
by means of a roughing tool which is located in front of the ring steady.
The shaping operation of the workpiece begins with a roughing form tool followed by the main form tool which can make one, two or three passes by means of a unique cam operation. This ensures high quality turnings at very high production rates.
Technical Data

Turning diameter:
Turning length:
Turning length using rotating centre:
Drilling length:
Drill chuck shaft:
Length of timber blank:
Toolholder fitting:
Spindle rotation speeds:
Spindle drive motor:
Feed motor:
Electric equipment:
Total electrical requirements:
Suction outlets:
Air requirements:
Air consumptions:

3 mm bis 65 mm
3 mm bis 120 mm
150 mm
max 80 mm 100 mm by special order
No 2 MT / 13 mm or No 3 MT by special order
340 - 800 mm
1600 / 2800 / 5000 rpm
3 kW / 2.2 kW by special order
0,75 kW
security electric equipment under VDE motor contact
400 v / 230 v V 3/PE/N 50 hz
4.2 kW max
2 x 100 mm for cutting tool and drill 1 x 100 mm for roughing toor
5 - 6 bar
90 l/min max 30 / 50 l on average
(800 mm model) L /W / H 2450 x 1200 x 1320 mm
620 kg

Technical alterations reserved.

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