JOKER 7000 CNC Controlled turning and milling Machine
The WEMA JOKER 7000 CNC is a further development of our tried-and-tested copying lathe WEMA JOKER 7000. The turning support and the longitudinal slide which run on hardened and ground low-maintenance ball transfer guides are features which are particularly worth mentioning. The lathe chisel is located very close to the revolving collar plate which guarantees vibration-free turning of the workpiece profile. Collar plates and accessory parts can be retrofitted at any time.
The standard design of the machine is equipped with 3 programmable axes: two feed axes and one rotational axis for milling.
All profiles can be designed using MEGA CAD on any external PC and transferred to the machine via interfaces. The machine can work unhindered during programming periods. A large memory area (32MB) allows storage of approximately 2000 programs. One PC is sufficient for several machines.
The drive unit for the supports is fitted to the rear of the machine to provide plenty of space on the operating side. The operating and control elements are both coordinated on a travelling control panel which can be adjusted in any position. All wires and ducts are collected in energy guide chains to prevent disturbances. All control and electronic components are located on the machine tool table. A separate electrical-control cabinet is therefore not required. The infinitely variable drives allow quick adjustment to optimum cutting conditions, thereby guaranteeing optimum turning and milling quality. The machine can be quickly re-fitted from turning to milling by means of a quick-change system.
The particularly heavy cast iron base is completely rigid and torsion-free.
program-controlled drilling unit program-controlled tool changer with 4 tools program-controlled pick-and-place unit new drive system for high power transmission Milling unit with horizontal cutter head
Milling unit with vertical cutter head        
Technical Data

Maximum width:
Maximum height:
Feed motion:
Collar plates:

Spindle motor:
Feed axes:
Milling unit:

Standard design 1600 mm, turning length with collar plates 1450 mm. Extended designs upon request
300 mm. Maximum turning diameter via support: 380 mm
Infinitely variable. quick return motion with main limit switch
M 45, collar 46 mm. inner cone MK3. Hollow spindle with 14 mm bore diameter, with reinforced
triple bearing by means of precision angular ball bearing
Eccentric quick gripping and safety lathe base gripping, sleeve MK3, sleeve lift 150 mm. With adjustable articulated quick-action lever, upon request
Ring collar plate for 15 - 75 mm / 80 - 130 mm diameters with quickly interchangeable insertion rings, two four-jaw collar plates, infinitely adjustable for diameters from 30 - 60 (15 - 45) mm /
60 - 100 mm
2.2 kW, 3.0 kW, or 4.0 kW rotary current infinitely variable speed within two ranges: 200 to 2000 RPM or 350 to 3400 RPM
Two feed axes and one rotational axis (spindle). Driven via maintenance-free AC servomotors
400/230 V, 3/PF/N, 50 Hz. Sonderspannung auf Anfrage.
400/230V, 3/PF/N, 50 Hz., special voltage upon request
For ring collar plates and support: 100 mm diameter respectively
L = 2750 mm, W = 1450 mm, H = 1300 mm
Standard design: 800 kg
Motor 3.0 kW, infinitely variable speed from 6000 to 18000 RPM. Collet chuck attachment up to 16 mm in diameter. Adjustable height and swivelling in two directions up to 90°

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