WEMA CONQUEST - CNC Woodturning automatic Machine
CNC Woodturning automatic Machine
The fully automatic wood turning lathe provides state-of the-art technology:
All axes with hardened and ground linear guides.
All axes with hardened and ground linear guides. The Conquest can be delivered in 3 or 4 axis design.

Functions of the Conquest: Turning, grinding, milling, chamfering, engraving, drilling. The machine housing can be opened via large sliding doors.
Accessories: Program-controlled supporting back stay for long parts with small diameter.
Magazine is fed from the back, finished parts are output at the front
Laser scanning: For profile scanning of specimen - automatic programming 3 KW three-phase motor, with infinite speed control 6,000 - 18,000 rpm, Swivellable, rotatable, adjustable in height. Chucks up to 16 mm Program controlled swivel head.
Grinding unit: PC-controlled, depending on profile: surface or point grinding of round profiles possible.

Program-controlled swivel head Milling unit, adjustable in height and swivallable Programm-controlled grinding unit Programm-controlled supporting back stay Scanner laser
Magazine for squared timber: 30x30 to 100x100 mm, Insert length: 200 – 1600 mm Self-centering magazine
clamps from 30x30mm till 100x100 mm
length of timber: 250mm till 1600 mm. when used as set in support till 1900 mm
Four jaw steady infinitely adjustable in 3 dimensions 30-60 mm, 60-100 mm, 100-140 mm Ring follower steady 15-75 mm or ring follower steady 80-130 mm with quick interchangeable discs  
Technical Data

Center distance:
Copying length:
Grinding length:
Axis drive:
Swivel heal:
Grinding unit:

max. 2,000 mm
max. 360 mm
max. 1,800 mm
max. 1,700 mm
3 or 4 axes possible
with pneumatic quick gripping function
from 20 x 20 mm to 120 x 120 mm max. length up to 1,800 mm

Technical alterations reserved.

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